Why Are Height-Adjustable Desks So Expensive?

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Have you been wondering why height-adjustable desks are so expensive? Our team asked questions from manufacturers and did an extensive market analysis to find out why these desks cost a fortune. You are welcome to read this post where we have explained the different reasons behind the high cost of height-adjustable desks.

Why are height-adjustable desks so expensive? Height-adjustable desks are so expensive because they are made of costly materials. Extra features and offers, such as electric motors and free shipping also increase the net price of some height-adjustable desks. More so, height-adjustable desks are in high demand due to their ergonomic benefits. With rising demand and less competition in the market, selling costs are bound to increase.

Height-adjustable desks have come to stay. What’s more, they will always be more expensive than regular desks. Read on to understand the different factors responsible for the high cost of height-adjustable desks.

What Makes Height-Adjustable Desks So Expensive?

Why Are Height-Adjustable Desks So Expensive
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Build quality, skyrocketing demands, and less competition in the market are the three main factors responsible for the expensive cost of height-adjustable desks. The tall legs of height-adjustable desks must be made of high-quality materials for sturdiness and stability, which increases production costs. What’s more, since the demand for height-adjustable desks is overtaking its supply, their prices are also skyrocketing.

We will explain each of these three factors in detail as you read on.

The Build Quality of Height-Adjustable Desks Make Them More Expensive

The build quality of height-adjustable desks is higher than that of regular desks. For starters, the legs must be sturdier and more stable. That way, the table can maintain balance at its full height.

Also, height-adjustable desks need heavier legs. Remember that you should not have to offload the table to adjust its height. As such, the legs must be strong enough to hold your computer, other work-related items, and the setup rigs during height adjustments.

The Skyrocketing Demand for Height-Adjustable Desks Is Causing Inflation In Its Prices

Since news broke about the several benefits of height-adjustable desks, its demand has steadily increased. Chief among these benefits is the promise of better comfort and high productivity. For these reasons, more businesses and offices are adopting height-adjustable desks for their workers.

There is a law in economics called the law of supply and demand. This law says that when a commodity is in higher demand, its price will also go higher. The same is the case with sit-stand desks. High demand is one of the reasons why they cost much more than regular desks.

Less Competition Makes Height-Adjustable Desks Costly

One of the ways to regulate the price of a product is to increase competition. When there are many manufacturers, each manufacturer will offer a competitive price. In the case of height-adjustable desks, there are only a few manufacturers. As such, the market is less competitive than that of standard desks. This is another reason why height-adjustable desks are so expensive.

Aside from the three factors above, a few other factors might make some height-adjustable desks more expensive than others. As you read on, we will explain the features that could make height-adjustable desks more expensive.

What Features Can Make A Height-Adjustable Desk More Expensive?

Electric height-adjustable desks have an in-built electric motor, which adds extra cost to the desk’s price. Further, a desk’s tabletop accounts for about half of its cost. As such, a high-end, top-quality tabletop material would make a height-adjustable desk more expensive. What’s more, any store that offers no-cost shipping will likely sell their desks at a more expensive price to cover shipping costs. 

In the sections that follow, we will briefly explain each of these features

Electric Motors Add To The Cost Of Height-Adjustable Desks

Electric height adjustable desks have an in-built electric motor that allows for easy height adjustments. All you have to do is press a button to activate the electric motor if you want to modify the desk’s height. You should expect these desks to cost more than hand-crank adjustable desks.

Further, an electrical height-adjustable desk needs motors that have enough power to lift heavy loads. That means they use high-grade motors that are likely to cost much.

High-Quality Tabletop Materials Increase The Cost Of Height-Adjustable Desks

Height-adjustable desks, just like every other desks type, need strong and durable tabletops. However, tabletop materials differ in costs depending on their quality grades and aesthetic appeal. For instance, solid wood costs more than laminated wood because it has a higher quality and is more appealing. As such, high-end desks that feature a solid wood tabletop are more expensive.

No-Cost Shipping Desks Are Generally More Expensive

Many online stores offer no-cost shipping. Many of these stores can offer no-cost shipping because they have added shipping charges to the desk’s actual cost. As such, their desks have a higher base charge than the usual price.

Are Height-Adjustable Desks Worth Their Expensive Cost?

Height adjustable desks are worth their expensive cost for those who need the benefits they offer. These benefits are mostly in the areas of good health, proper posture, and workplace productivity. Because of these benefits, height-adjustable desks are assets for workplace ergonomics. If you desire to have better workplace ergonomics, then a height-adjustable desk is worth the expensive cost.

✅ Video – Are Standing Desks Overrated? My One Year Experience 

This is the account of someone who doesn’t believe there are real health benefits to using standing desks. But having used a height-adjustable desk for a year, he believes he will still buy another standing desk if given another chance to make the decision. He thinks height-adjustable desks may be overrated but they are still worth the investment. Click the play button to hear all about his reasons.

Most Americans use the wrong desk size for their height. A height-adjustable desk helps solve this problem. It offers the possibility of adjusting the desk’s height to fit your height. That, in turn, can help fox posture problems.

What’s more, you can easily alternate between standing and sitting when you use a height-adjustable desk. That could help relieve shoulder tension, backaches, and neck pain. It can also increase your workplace productivity by as much as 46 percent.

Related Questions

Should I Get A Height-Adjustable Desk?

If you want different desk height levels for your different office tasks, then you should get a height-adjustable desk. You should also get a height-adjustable desk if you find that alternating between sitting and standing will make you more productive at work. What’s more, if you run a business and more than one person is likely to use the same desk, it is better to get a height-adjustable desk.

You can read this post for a detailed answer on the question, “Should I get a height-adjustable desk?”

Are Standing Desks Overrated?

Standing desks have become the ultimate symbol of workplace ergonomics. But while they offer several undeniable benefits, some of their purported benefits are overrated. As such, before you buy a standing desk, you should separate facts from fallacy and evaluate its pros and cons.

For instance, standing desks indeed offer better ergonomics and can help you relieve chronic back pain. However, a standing desk is not the magical solution to all forms of back pain. It only works if your back pain is a result of prolonged sitting or poor posture. What’s more, standing at a desk without moving around will not give you so many benefits.

Are Standing Desks Better Than Sitting?

Standing desks are better for your health than sitting desks. Among other things, they encourage more movement, which helps you burn more calories. That is good for your overall health and productivity. They also help prevent all the negative health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. However, sitting desks are better for relaxation and comfort than standing desks.  


Height-adjustable desks will remain expensive until there is keen competition in the market. As new brands roll out, the prices of height-adjustable desks will drop. That notwithstanding, height-adjustable desks will always be more expensive than comparable standard desks. This is because of their higher cost of production and noticeable advantages.

Be wary of extra features that may add to the cost of your height-adjustable desk. To be honest, these features are often highly beneficial. You should, however, always remember that you should not be paying extra for a feature that you do not need.

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