What Size Desk Do I Need For My Height?

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The right size of desk for your height is an important part of workplace ergonomics. Unlike what most people assume, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to desks. That is why our team went on a quest to find out the ideal desk size for different heights. You are welcome to read our findings in this post. 

What size desk do I need for my height? The average American man, who is about 5ft 9 inches tall, needs a sitting desk of 26 inches height and a standing desk of 42.5 inches height. The average American woman, on the other hand, who is about 5ft 4 inches tall, needs a sitting desk of 24 inches height and a standing desk of 39 inches height. The ideal desk size for your height varies as your height varies from the reference heights above.

Finding your ideal desk size is as vital as finding a good job, but most people overlook it. Without the ideal desk size, your comfort, health, productivity, and safety at the workplace are in jeopardy. Would you like to know how to find the ideal size of desk for your height? Read on… 

How To Calculate The Desk Size For My Height

What Size Desk Do I Need For My Height?
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Start from the reference height of 5 feet, which corresponds with an ideal sitting desk height of 22-24 inches. For every 6 inches that your height is more or less than this reference value, add or subtract 2.5 inches to the desk height to derive your ideal desk height. That means if you are 5 feet 6 inches tall, your ideal desk height is between 24.5 and 26.5 inches. In the same vein, a 6 feet tall person should use a sitting desk of 27-29 inches height.

Using the calculation above, you can deduce an estimate for your ideal sitting desk height. Below is a desk height chart that you can always refer to.

Desk Height Calculator Chart

Your HeightSitting Desk SizeStanding Desk Size
4′ 10″ – 4′ 11″21″ – 23″35″ – 37″
5′ – 5′ 2″22″ – 24″36″ – 38″
5′ 3″ – 5′ 4″23″ – 25″38″ – 40″
5′ 5″ – 5′ 7″24.5″ – 26.5″39″ – 42″
5′ 8″ – 5′ 9″25″ – 27″41″ – 44″
5′ 10″ – 6′26″ – 28″42″ – 45″
6′ 1″ – 6′ 2″27″ – 29″44″ – 47″
6′ 3″ – 6′ 4″28″ – 30″46″ – 48″
6′ 5″ -6′ 6″29″ – 31″47″ – 50″
6′ 7″ – 6′ 8″29″ – 31″49″ – 51″

You should, however, remember that the desk height you derive from the calculation or chart above is only an estimate. Your unique body shape is the best pointer to your perfect desk size. 

How To Determine Desk Size Using Your Body Shape

Place your arms on the desk

To determine if a desk is an ideal height for you, sit at the desk and rest your arms on it. Your elbow joint should be at a right angle or slightly raised (90 to 110 degrees) if the desk size is ideal for your height.

Put your legs under the desk

Next, put your legs under the desk to confirm if there is enough clearance for your legs. The ideal desk size for your height has enough space under it for your legs to fit even when they are crossed. 

Should My Height Determine My Desk’s Width?

Your height has little to no correlation with desk width and depth. However, if you are short, a desk that is too wide may not be ideal for you. You should be able to reach for items at the far end of your desk without stress when you stretch your arms.

The width of a desk is the vertical dimension of the desk from right to left. It is part of what makes up a desk’s size. As such, you cannot talk about the right desk size for your height without considering desk width. More so, desk width is also vital for workplace ergonomics. 

How Wide Should My Desk Be?

The minimum desk width for a workspace should be 24 inches. If your desk is smaller than that, it will be near impossible to use it for anything productive. To determine how wide your desk should be, consider your height and the space you have available in your office or room if you are working from home. Also, consider how much equipment and items you intend to put on the desk. 

Consider your height/arm length to determine your desk width

The length of your arms plays a more important role than your overall height in determining your desk width. So, to determine your ideal desk width, stretch both of your arms sideways. That should give you an idea of how wide your desk should be. The idea behind this is that with your arms stretched, you should be able to reach any item at the far end of your desk with ease.

Consider your office space to determine your desk width

If your office or room has limited space, you should go for a smaller desk. But if you have more than enough space, you may consider desk sizes up to 72 inches wide or even more.  

Consider your workspace needs to determine your desk width

If your work requires several pieces of equipment and items on your desk, you will need a wide desk. But if you only need a simple workstation, a small desk of 24-36 inches should suffice.

✅ Video – How Do I Find The Right Size Standing Desk?

In this Q&A video, Greg explains how to determine the ideal size of desk for your workspace. He explains in detail the different factors that determine desk width, among other things. The information in this video will help you pick the perfect size desk for your needs. Click the play button to watch now.

How Does My Height Determine My Desk’s Depth?

Your arm length is more important than your overall height when it comes to determining the ideal desk depth for you. You should be able to pick items from the front end of your desk without stress when you stretch your arms. It is, however, normal, if you have to lean forward a little to reach these items.

The depth of a desk is the horizontal dimension of the desk from the front to the back. It is the third dimension that makes up a desk’s size and it is also very vital for workplace ergonomics. Unfortunately, most people ignore desk depth when they are choosing a desk. 

What Desk Depth Do I Need For My Height?

The ideal desk depth for an average American adult is between 20 inches and 30 inches. The maximum desk depth you will need for office work is about 31.5 inches. But then, when it comes to desk depth, having extra space is always better than having too little space. If you have extra space, you can arrange the items on the desk to be within your reach.

Related Questions

Are 29-inch Desks Too Tall For You?

A 29-inch desk is ideal for a person that is 6 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall. Since the average American adult is shorter than 6 feet, a 29-inch desk is too tall for the average American adult. The ideal desk height is 26 inches for the average American man and 24 inches for the average American woman.

The standard desk height on the market is 29 inches tall. That may explain why most adults who work on a desk end up with back pain, posture problems, and other ergonomic issues.

How Do I Choose A Desk For My Workspace?

You need a desk whose size is ergonomic for your height. Check that the desk height, width, and depth are ideal for your height. Also, be sure that the work surface is large enough for your work. Avoid any desk that is visually overpowering or that will occupy too much space in your office. 

What Makes A Good Work Desk?

A good work desk is well-designed and is made of high-quality materials. Wooden desks are more common, but there are now lots of good glass desks on the market. If you are going for a glass desk, make sure it has sturdy metal legs to reinforce it and bear its weight. What’s more, a good work desk is durable and large enough for the requirements of your work.


A desk’s size is made up of its height, width, and depth. As we have explained in this post, your height is vital to determining the ideal height, width, and depth of desk for you. We believe that the information we have shared will help you pick the perfect size of desk for your height.

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