Should I Get A Height-Adjustable Desk?

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Are you thinking of whether you should get a height-adjustable desk or not? Do you have questions about the pros and cons of using a height-adjustable desk? We have all the answers you are looking for, and we have put them all together in this post. The information in this post will help you decide whether you should get a height-adjustable desk or not. 

Should I get a height-adjustable desk? You should get a height-adjustable desk if you care to improve your workplace ergonomics. More so, they have health and posture benefits too. Note, however, that some of the benefits of height adjustable desks are overrated and they also have some disadvantages. But overall, the benefits of height adjustable desks outweigh their disadvantages and you can avoid some of their pitfalls too.

Prolonged hours of sitting at the desk can harm your health and workplace productivity. One way to solve this problem is to get a height-adjustable desk. But then, do you need a height-adjustable desk? Why should you get one? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Read on for answers to these and many more.

Should I Get A Height-Adjustable Desk?
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Why Should I Get A Height-Adjustable Desk?

You should get a height-adjustable desk because it helps reduce back pain and increases productivity levels at work. You can also combat unhealthy increases in weight and posture problems by switching to a sit-stand height adjustable desk. What’s more, experts have proven that adjustable desks can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disorders and other health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Height-Adjustable Desk

These are some of the top benefits of height-adjustable desks:

Height-Adjustable Desks Help Reduce Back Pain

Office workers often complain of back pain and aches, especially in the lower back region. This pain occurs as a result of stress and strain on the back muscles as a result of prolonged sitting. Studies show that you can benefit from using adjustable desks if you are suffering from back pain.

One Center for Disease Control (CDC) research also shows that height adjustable desks are beneficial for neck and upper back pain too. According to the study, height-adjustable desks can give up to 54 percent reduction of upper back pain in just four weeks. 

Height-Adjustable Desks Help Increase Workplace Productivity Levels

Some people have raised concerns that height-adjustable desks may not be good for office tasks, such as typing. But then, research has shown evidence to the contrary. Several people who use height adjustable desks testify to better performance at work, including their typing speed.

More so, height adjustable desks allow you to stand at work, which helps boost mood and morale at work. These, in turn, also contribute to better productivity at work. Experts say that height adjustable desks can give up to 60 percent improvement in workplace ergonomics and productivity. 

Height-Adjustable Desks Prevent Unhealthy Increase In Weight

Sitting at work all day is a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of how much you are typing or how busy your mind is. This kind of lifestyle comes with several risks, including unhealthy weight gain.

Sit-stand height adjustable desks allow you to stand for some time at work, which increases the chances of moving around and burning more calories. These, in turn, help combat unhealthy weight gain, as well as other health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Height-Adjustable Reduces The Risks Of Cardiovascular Disorders

As far back as 1953, research established that bus drivers have two times more risk of developing cardiovascular disease than bus conductors. Since then, several other studies have shown that cardiovascular disorders have strong links with prolonged hours of sitting. The more you move around each day, the lesser your risks of having cardiovascular disorders.

Experts now believe that prolonged sitting daily increases heart disease risks by almost 150 percent. To mitigate this harmful effect of prolonged sitting, you should get a height-adjustable desk for your work.

Height-Adjustable Desks Can Make You Live Longer

Sitting all day increases not only the risk of heart disease, but also that of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and a host of other diseases. These diseases can significantly reduce life expectancy. By reducing the risks of these diseases, height-adjustable desks can make you live longer. According to one study, sitting for three hours instead of per day can increase life expectancy by 2 years. 

Disadvantages Of Using A Height-Adjustable Desk

Height adjustable desks are usually not as sturdy as sitting desks made of the same materials. As such, they have less load-bearing capacity. What’s more, you may experience aches from prolonged standing if care is not taken. Standing still for several hours can also cause varicose veins. 

Sit-stand height adjustable desks have several advantages, but they have some disadvantages too. These disadvantages of height-adjustable desks are not enough to discard them, but they are still worth mentioning.

Here are some of the disadvantages of height-adjustable desks:

Height-Adjustable Desks Have Less Load Bearing Capacity

Conventional desks are closer to the ground, so they have a lower center of gravity. As such, they offer more stability and can bear more load than sit-stand desks. What’s more, standing desks that don’t have the adjustable function can bear a heavier load.

If you want your desk to carry a desktop, printer, books, files, and other items, a height-adjustable desk may not be your best bet. Also, remember that it may be harder to adjust the desk’s height when you have lots of weight on it.

Manual Adjustment Of The Desk’s Height Might Be Stressful

Some people find Manila adjustments stressful. This sense of stress might render the functionality redundant. Some people will rather just sit down than go through the stress of adjusting the desk. To mitigate this, you may get a desk with electric adjustment.

Prolonged Standing Has Health Risks

Too much of everything is bad, and that is also true for standing. If you stand for prolonged hours, you may experience aching feet. Prolonged standing is also a prominent risk factor for varicose veins. 

The biggest benefit of sit-stand height adjustable desks is not just in actual standing. It’s a mix of standing, sitting? And moving around. A healthy mix of these three will give you optimum benefits from using a height-adjustable desk.

What Should I Consider When Getting A Height-Adjustable Desk?

You should weigh the advantages against the disadvantages to know whether a height-adjustable desk is worth it or not. Aside from that, check to be sure that the desk transitions quietly between sitting and standing. Also, consider the choice between manual and electric adjustments. You may also consider getting a desk that allows you to program your height preferences.

There is a wide range of adjustable desks available on the market. They differ in terms of convenience and quality. Here are some of the factors to consider when picking an adjustable sit-stand desk:

The Desk’s Noise Level

If your work environment is quiet, you need a desk that transitions quietly. Ensure that the desk does not make any creaky or squealing sounds while transitioning. 

The Desk’s Speed of Transitioning

A desk that transitions slowly is a burden to most people. That alone can discourage you from using the functionality as often as you should. 

Electric vs Manual Desk Adjustment

Some height-adjustable desks use hand cranks, and some use pneumatic or electric lifts. The type of desk you choose can affect the transition speed, noise levels, and ease of use. Overall, electric adjustable desks are better but they are also more expensive.

✅ Video – Buying Electric Standing Desks: 7 Things You Should Consider

This video is really informative and contains a detailed analysis of the factors to consider if you are buying an electric height-adjustable desk. Among other things, the narrator took time to explain the different types of electronic components used in making electric standing desks. He also talked about stability and other factors. Click the play button to watch now.

Desk Height Programming Option

Some desks come with programming functionality. They allow you to program up to 3 height preferences. That way, you can effortlessly program your desired positions.

Related Questions

Is A Height-Adjustable Desk Worth It?

Height adjustable desks are over-hyped, but they are several proven benefits that make them worth it. Some experts opine that whether height adjustable desks are worth it or not depends on personal preferences. But everyone agrees that standing can improve overall mood and productivity at work.

Is A Desk Riser Worth It?

Desk risers are worth it if you are looking for a cheap and quick setup. They are convenient, portable, and compatible with almost all desks. They have a few disadvantages, but they are still worth buying.

Do Standing Desks Help Lower Back Pain?

Standing desks have some benefits for combating chronic back pain, but it is not effective for all types of back pain. If your back pain is due to posture problems or prolonged sitting, you might find some help and relief by using a standing desk. But standing desks are not effective for treating health problems, like bulging discs or scoliosis.


If you are unsure whether a height-adjustable desk is good or bad, you have the answer here. These desks are good, but they do have a few disadvantages too. However, you can get a height-adjustable desk to reduce your hours of standing. That will, in turn, improve your health, wellbeing, and workplace productivity.

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