Is A Standing Desk Converter/Desk Riser Worth It?

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We have received queries about whether standing desk converters/desk risers are worth it or not. This post explains all the good and not-so-good things about desk risers. After reading this post, you will know whether desk risers are worth your investment or not.

Is a standing desk converter/desk riser worth it? Standing desk converters are worth it because they are a quick and inexpensive solution. They also provide a convenient transition from sitting to a standing desk. What’s more, desk risers, as some prefer to call them, allow you to revert to a sitting desk whenever you like. You can use them if you do not want to change your desk or if you are trying to save costs.

Whether desk risers are worth your investment or not depends on your pocket and preferences. We will give further explanations on when a desk riser is worth it in the sections that follow.

When Is A Standing Desk Converter/Desk Riser Worth It?

A standing desk converter is worth it when you are trying to save costs or when you are looking for a portable sit-stand desk solution. You may also consider buying a desk riser for easy assembly and quick desk conversion. What’s more, a desk riser is worth the investment If you love the functionality and design of your current desk.

Read on to find out when a standing desk converter is worth your investment:

You Are Still Trying Out Standing At Work

Buying a desk riser is a cheaper alternative to replacing your desk. While you can get a desk riser for as little as $100, replacing your desk will cost nothing less than $500. As such, it is a great option for anyone new to standing at work. You can use a desk riser to test if standing works for you before you invest in a standing desk.

You Don’t Have Enough Space For A New Desk

Desk risers are portable, so they do not require extra space. You simply need to place the desk converter on your existing desk, and you will have the standing workstation you have desired. 

Your Job Requires You To Use Various Workstations

Desk risers are easy to move from place to place, and they adapt well to any setting or environment. As such, you can take them with you anywhere you are working. Does your job require you to work in the office, as well as at home? You can buy a small desk riser and take it along with you to your different workstations.

Speed Is Important For Your Work

Standing desk converters are very easy to assemble. Unlike sit-stand desks, they don’t have several parts and pieces. They also do not require any special instructions or tools to assemble. As such, you can have your standing workstation in a jiffy.

What’s more, sit-stand desks often take a while to alternate between sitting and standing. Desk risers, on the other hand, are much faster. They rise almost instantly. If speed is vital for your work, you should consider buying a standing desk converter.

You Want To Keep Your Existing Desk

If you love the design and functionality of your current regular desk, you may not want to replace it with a sit-stand desk. If that is the case, you should consider getting a standing desk converter. That way, you can have a standing workstation without having to dispose of your desk.

Drawbacks Of Using A Standing Desk Platform

The not-so-good side of standing desks converters includes the limited workspace they offer and poor cable management. They are also not so aesthetically appealing, so you may not find them appealing. What’s more, standing desk converters are typically not made for heavyweights. A standing desk converter may not be able to hold more than your computer monitor, laptop, and keyboard.

Some people are not flattered by standing desk converters because of these drawbacks. However, some others don’t consider these drawbacks enough reasons to write desk converters off. Read on to learn more about these drawbacks and decide for yourself whether desk risers are worth it for you or not.

Here are some of the not-so-good sides of standing desk converters

Desk Risers Provide Limited Space

Standing desk converters do not raise the entire desk surface. That means you will lose some workspace when you use a standing desk converter. You may even be forced to leave some of your work items, such as phone, paperwork, or stapler on your old desktop. Shuttling between two heights can create a big challenge for you while working.

Desk Risers Offer Poor Cable Management

Standing desk converters do not offer integrated cable management features. When you are using a desk riser, your devices travel all the way with their cables. Keeping your cords and wires tidy can then become a pain.

Desk Risers Are Not Very Attractive

Aesthetically speaking, sit-stand desks look more attractive than placing a desk converter on a regular desk. Some people even say that the sight of a desk converter subtly takes away their attention. If you are very particular about aesthetics, you should think twice about buying a standing desk converter.

Desk Risers Cannot Bear Heavy Weight

The typical standing desk converter uses the gas-operated or oil spring mechanism. These mechanisms are not suitable for bearing heavyweight. Aside from your laptop, computer monitor, and keyboard, your standing desk converter may not be able to bear any other weight.

If you add more weight to the desk converter than it can bear, you may have to trade off some stability. What’s more, it will rise more slowly.

✅ Video – Sit-Stand Desk Converter Pros and Cons

If you are considering buying a standing desk converter, you should watch this video. It contains a succinct review of the pros and cons of a standing desk converter. You will get to know what you are getting vs. what you are giving when you choose to buy a standing desk converter. Click the play button to watch now.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Desk Riser

To know whether a desk riser is worth your investment or not, consider its types and be sure it is suitable for your needs. Also, consider the height ranges that the desk riser can achieve. Check to be sure the desk surface size is enough for your work. What’s more, consider the stability and weight capacity of the desk riser to know if it is worth your investment.

You can make a more informed decision on whether a desk riser is worth your investment or not if you know the factors to consider. In the next section, we will show you the top 5 factors to consider in deciding whether a desk riser is worth your investment or not.

The Type of Desk Riser

There are different types and configurations of desk risers on the market. These desk riser types have different functionalities. A desk riser is only worth it if its functionalities match your needs.

Desk riser types include:

  • X-lift desk risers
  • Z-lift desk risers
  • Post & Base standing desk converter
  • Hover desk risers

To learn more about these different types, you can read our post on “The Different Types of Desk Risers”. 

The Desk Riser’s Height Range

A desk riser is only worth it if it can achieve the ergonomic standing height for your work. This factor is more important for tall people. If you are a tall person, consider the height ranges that a desk riser can achieve before you buy it. 

The Size of The Desk Riser’s Surface

A standing desk converter is only worth it if its surface is big enough to accommodate your workstation. Before buying a standing desk converter, make sure that its surface has enough space for your computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, laptop, and hands.

The Desk Riser’s Stability And Weight Capacity

A standing desk converter is only worth it if it can bear the weight of your workstation and still remain stable. If you have a heavy workstation or you type a lot, you need a more stable desk converter. A desk riser that wobbles or shakes while you are working or typing is not worth it.

Related Questions

Why Are Desk Risers So Expensive?

Desk risers are so expensive because they are made with expensive materials. What’s more, those with electric capabilities cost a lot because the electric motor can be quite expensive. However, despite their high cost, desk risers are still much cheaper than sit-stand desks.

Can I Convert My Desk To A Standing Desk?

You can convert your desk to a standing desk by using a desk conversion kit. You can buy a desk riser or a standing desk converter for quick, easy, and cheap conversion. You. can also place a height on your desk or add a height under its legs to convert it to a standing desk.

Are Standing Desks Better For Your Health?

Standing desks have several health benefits. When you use a standing desk, your sitting time will be reduced. That way, you can burn more calories and reduce the risks of several diseases associated with sedentary living. What’s more, you can improve your posture and find relief from back pain when you switch from standing to sitting at work.


You can gain several benefits from using a standing desk converter. However, they have a few downsides too. You should evaluate your needs and preferences to be sure whether a desk riser is worth your investment or not. We hope you find this post helpful in deciding if a desk riser/standing desk converter is worth it for you or not.

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