How Do You Turn A Regular Desk Into A Standing Desk?

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Turning your regular desk into a standing desk is one good way to promote good posture, back health, and workplace ergonomics. Several people have asked us how they can do this, so we did comprehensive research on the subject. We have detailed all of our findings in this post. Welcome to your ultimate guide on how to turn a regular desk into a standing desk.

How do you turn a regular desk into a standing desk? You can convert any regular desk into a standing desk with the help of a standing desk converter or desk riser. Also, you can add some height under your desk using paper reams, milk crates, or wood blocks. You can also put a platform of books, boxes, shelves, or a short table on the desk to increase its height. 

You do not have to dispose of your regular desk and buy an expensive standing desk. There are many ways to turn your existing regular desk into a more ergonomic and healthier standing desk. Read on as we explain some of the most efficient regular desk conversion methods to you. 

How Do You Turn A Regular Desk Into A Standing Desk?
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Can A Desk Converter Turn a Regular Desk Into Standing Desk?

A standing desk converter can turn your regular desk into a standing desk. These converters include electric types, hover types, Post and Base converters, X-lift, and Z-lift converters, among others. They are usually adjustable, which makes your standing desk more flexible. 

Standing desk converters are also called desk risers, desktop risers, or desk toppers. These names all refer to the same thing.

Benefits of Converting Your Regular Desk With A Desk Riser

  • Desk risers allow you to adjust the height of your standing desk to your taste.
  • They allow you to customize the standing desk for your needs and comfort.
  • They are simple to use, requiring no specialized skill or training.
  • You do not need to dispose of or permanently convert your regular desk.
  • There are various types, sizes, and designs available at different budgets.

✅ Video – Standing Desk VS. Converter Desk Riser? Quick Overview!

This video is made by underground tech to demonstrate the differences between a standing desk and a desk riser. You will see the pros and cons of each option as you watch. That way, you can make a more informed choice on whether to buy a standing desk or convert your existing regular desk using a desk riser. Click the play button to watch the video now!

What Are The Different Types of Desk Risers For Converting Regular Desks?

The common types of desk risers are:

  • Electric desk risers
  • Z-lift desk converters
  • X-lift desk converters
  • Hover desk risers
  • Post and Base desk toppers

Electric Desk Risers

Electric desk risers have a magnet board and an integrated cordless charger. Adjusting the height of these desk risers is usually hassle-free; you only need to push a button to activate the lift motor system.

Z-Lift Desk Converters

These desk converters are styled “Z-lift” because their shape looks like the letter, Z. They are also adjustable like electric desk risers, but you need to do the adjustments manually.

Previously, Z-lift desk risers used to be bulky, but these days, there are versatile and lightweight Z-lift desk converters on the market. What’s more, you can adjust the legs of modern Z-lift desk converters to assume other shapes. 

X-Lift Desk Converters

X-lift desk converters are also so-called because of the shape of their frame. X-shaped frames offer better support and stability than Z-shaped frames. That is why Z-lift converters are okay for lightweight loads, but Z-lift desk converters are the ideal type for heavier setups. You should consider this option if your work requires multiple monitors on the desk.

Hover Desk Risers

Hover desk risers are like monitor arms with an attachment that you can use as a workspace. This type of desk converter has a great aesthetic appeal, but it provides little to no stability. As such, they are only advisable if you have a simple workstation. 

Post & Base Desk Toppers

The centralized support of post and base desk toppers is their unique feature. They are the ideal choice for those who want to maximize space. This makes them a good option if you have a simple workspace or small cubicle.

What Can I Put On My Regular Desk To Make It A Standing Desk?

You can set items such as a stack of books, a short table, shelves, or box(es) on top of your regular desk to increase its height. Any item that can provide stability and support for your device(s) as well as raise your desk’s height to your taste will work just fine.

This solution is easy and cost-effective because you can use common home or office items. More so, you only need to place the platform on your desk to raise its height to the desired level.

Further, the items you are using will not carry the entire weight of your desk. 

Advantages of Putting A Platform On Your Desk To Raise Its Height

  • The setup is simple and easy.
  • It offers a cheap standing desk conversion since you do not have to buy anything.
  • It is a temporary standing desk conversion that allows you to switch back to sitting whenever you want.
  • You can convert any size and type of desk using this method.

Disadvantages of Putting A Platform On Your Desk To Raise Its Height

  • The stability of your standing desk may be poor depending on the item you use
  • This method reduces your work surface, so you may not be able to use multiple devices
  • If your work involves lots of filing and writing, this method may not be ideal for you.

How Can I Raise My Desk’s Entire Height To Make It A Standing Desk?

You can raise your desk’s entire height by placing something under its legs. Examples of items to place under a desk include wood blocks, paper reams, milk crates, paper boxes, and flower vases. Any item that is sturdy and has a flat surface can work well. The choice of what to use, however, depends on the desk’s weight and the type of legs it has.

Items To Put Under Your Desk To Raise its height

Here is a list of some home items you can place under your desk’s legs to increase its height:

  • Woodblocks
  • Paper reams
  • Milk crates
  • Paper boxes
  • End tables
  • Flower vases
  • Bed risers

Advantages Of Raising Your Desk’s Entire Height

  • You will retain the full workspace of your desk
  • You can easily access the shelves and drawers of your desk while working
  • With a good base under its legs, the desk is as stable as putting it on the floor

Disadvantage Of Raising Your Desk’s Entire Height

  • You need an item that can carry your desk’s entire weight
  • You may need four pieces of any item you choose – one under each leg of the desk
  • It is harder to alternate between standing and sitting
  • Since all desks do not have the same leg design, the same item may not work for two desks. You need to find an item that works with each desk.

Are There Desk Risers You Can Place Under The Desk?

Cup-like desk risers that you can place under your desk legs are also available on the market. They can increase your desk’s height up to 10cm. However, this increase in height may not be enough to convert your regular desk into a standing desk.

✅ Video – Are Desk Risers Actually Useful?

This is a short informative video on cup-like desk risers that you can place under your desk. These desk risers are useful for increasing your desk height and making it more flexible. Most of them offer a 5-10cm range of increase to your desk’s height. Watch this video to learn what you can and cannot do with them.

Related Questions

What Can I Use Instead Of A Standing Desk?

You can add a desktop riser to your regular desk instead of using a standing desk. If you cannot buy a desk riser at the moment, you can improvise with a stack of books or boxes. A few other alternatives to standing desks include mounted shelves, tablet arms, and laptop stands.

What Is A Floating Desk?

A floating desk is a unique furniture piece that you can mount on the wall. You can then drop down the floating desk from your wall whenever you need to use it. It is called a “floating” desk because it has no legs but drops down from the wall.

Do You Really Need A Standing Desk?

Standing desks are helpful for orthopedic health, especially back health. They also offer benefits for body posture and workplace ergonomics. However, you need a healthy mix of standing, sitting, and walking to reap the benefits of using a standing desk.


We have detailed the different methods of turning a regular desk into a standing desk. We are sure you have seen a method that would work well for you and fit your needs. But we suggest that you buy a desk riser to make your workspace neater, more organized, and more ergonomic.

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