Do Standing Desks Work For Tall People?

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Have you ever wondered if standing desks work for tall people? Our editorial team has found answers to this question. This post. is a compilation of everything we know about standing desks for tall people.

Do standing desks work for tall people? Yes, standing desks that can stand at more than 44 inches height work for tall people. The regular standing desk adjusts to about 43-44 inches in height. This type of standing desk is not suitable for people that are 6 feet tall or more.

If you are tall, you need a standing desk with a large height range. A height range of 44 inches or less will not be ergonomic and comfortable for a tall person. If you are tall, you should get a standing that can adjust to about 50 inches, or even more, depending on your height. Read on to find out more about standing desks for tall people. 

How Do Standing Desks For A Tall Person Work?

A standing desk for a tall person has an ergonomic height for people that are 6 feet tall or more. These desks can stand at 50 inches height or more when you raise them to their full height. That way, you can stand comfortably and maintain proper ergonomics while standing. What’s more, these desks have enough leg space for the tall person when you lower the desk to a sitting position.

Are you aware that the average height for U.S males is 5’9” and the average height for U.S females is just 5’3”? Most desk manufacturers cater to these average heights when they make standing desks. That leaves people taller than 6 feet at a loss for ergonomics and comfort.

Many tall people use office furniture that gives them a poor experience. But not to worry, you will find out all you need to know about picking the suitable desks for a tall person as you read on.

What To Look For In The Best Standing Desk For A Tall Person?

The three things to look for in the best standing desk for a tall person are ergonomic height, leg space, and sturdiness. The sit-stand desk must be able to adjust to ergonomic heights for both sitting and standing positions. It should also have enough room for your legs to stay comfortably in the sitting position. What’s more, it should be strong enough to maintain stability even when you raise it to its highest height. level.

Read on to find out more about the factors to consider when you are picking a standing desk for tall people.

Ergonomic Height

The first thing to look for in a sit-stand desk for a tall person is ergonomic height. Remember that the purpose of using a sit-stand desk in the first place is proper ergonomics. So, make sure the desk’s height range can accommodate the ergonomic standing and sitting height levels for your height. 

A 50-inch tall standing desk should be good enough for a tall person (6 feet tall or more). You may refer to our desk height calculator chart to find out the ergonomic desk height for your height. Remember to consider both the sitting and standing heights. The ideal sitting desk height for a tall person is about 29 inches.

Leg Space

Tall height goes hand in hand with long legs. So, you must consider leg space when you are picking a standing desk for a tall person. Make sure that you have enough leg space when the sit-stand desk is in the sitting position. Watch out for the following:

  1. Make sure your legs are comfortable when you sit.
  2. Your knees should not press or bang against the desk, even when you cross your legs.
  3. You should be able to stretch your legs without any discomfort.


A sturdy desk for tall people will have large feet and a very solid crossbar to match up the height. You need this kind of desk if you will be raising it as high as 50 inches. Only a sturdy desk made with quality materials will remain stable at that height. At the max height, the desk will wobble or become shaky if it is not sturdy.

✅ Video – Top 3 Causes of Standing Desk Wobble And How You Can Avoid It

The top 3 causes of standing desk wobble are unstable base configuration, column instability, and assembly mistakes. There are ways to avoid these mistakes. Click the play button to hear from the mouth of experts on how to avoid these problems. 

What are the Best Types of Standing Desks for a Tall Person?

Adjustable desks with a large height range are the best standing desks for tall people. The different types available on the market are electric sit-stand desks, manual adjustable-height desks, and standing desk converters. You may also use desk risers and extensions if you are a tall person in case you don’t find a suitable sit-stand desk.

These standing desks are made for tall people. They are not so different from the regular sit-stand desks, but they have a larger adjustable height range and are sturdier. A few non-adjustable standing desks are also suitable for people who reach 6 feet or more. 

Electronically Adjustable Standing Desks

Most standing desks on the market have a DC electric motor to facilitate height adjustments. The DC motor allows you to adjust the desk’s height just by pushing a button. 

What’s more, some electronically adjustable standing desks allow you to program your preferable heights to specific buttons. This feature allows for easier adjustments because the desk can remember your standing and sitting heights.

Manually Adjustable Standing Desks

Many manually adjustable sit-stand desks extend well over 45 inches. As such, it is not hard to find a suitable manually adjustable desk for a tall person. Some of these desks use a knob, while others use a hand crank. However, both types work with the same mechanism.

Standing Desk Converter For Tall Person

You can adapt your regular desk to a standing desk by using a standing desk converter. Thankfully, lots of options are available for taller people. This is a good option if you cannot get a sit-stand desk with enough leg space for you. You can stick with your regular desk if you are satisfied with its leg space.

Desk Risers and Extensions

You may consider desk risers if all the options above are not available. In some instances, you may have difficulty finding a suitable standing desk for your height. You can use desk risers while you are still searching for your ideal standing desk for tall people. What’s more, you can also add a desk riser to the legs of your regular sit-stand desk to further raise its height.

Ergonomics For Taller Than Average Height People

For better safety and comfort, taller people should use an ergonomic height desk and a suitable chair. Both the desk and your height and leg length. The chair, on the other hand, should also suit your height and weight. What’s more, make sure to maintain proper posture while seated at your desk.

The best chair for a tall person is one with a higher gas strut and deep seat pan. The chair’s seat slide should also be a bit long. 

Note, however, that an ergonomic desk and chair are only profitable for you if you maintain proper posture and have an ergonomic desk setup for your workstation. 

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Related Questions

How Tall Should A Standing Desk Be For 6’2”

The ideal desk height for a 6’2” tall person should be about 29-30 inches for the sitting position and 47–48 inches for the standing position. The regular sitting desk may work well for a 6’2” person if the desk has enough legroom. But the regular sit-stand desk only extends to about 44 inches. So, you may need to search for a suitable sit-stand desk for your height.

Can You Stand Too Long At A Standing Desk?

Yes, you can stand for too long at a standing desk. If you stay on your feet throughout your work hours, your legs may become sore. What’s more, prolonged standing can cause pain in the lower back, varicose veins, and soreness in leg muscles and tendons. The ideal thing is to switch between sitting, standing, and walking to get full ergonomic benefits.

What Happens If Your Desk Is Too High Or Too Low?

If your desk is too high for your height, you are likely to experience discomfort in your shoulder, wrist, elbow, and hand. A too low desk, on the other hand, will make you lean forward too much. That will cause you chronic back and arm pain. 


There are several options of standing desks for tall people that are more than 6 feet tall. Examples include electric sit-stand desks, manually height-adjustable desks, standing desk converters, and desk extensions. Make sure whatever option you are choosing has the ergonomic height for you, enough legroom for you, and will remain stable at its maximum height.

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