Do Electric Standing Desks Need To Be Plugged In?

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Have you ever wondered if electric standing desks need to be plugged in while you are using them? We have researched the different types of electric standing desks on the market. So, we wrote this post to offer a comprehensive answer to the question.

Do electric standing desks need to be plugged in? Most motorized or electric standing desks must be plugged in to operate the height-adjustment feature. However, you do not need to leave the electric standing desk plugged after you have adjusted the height. The height stays the same when you unplug the desk.

The bottom line is that an electric standing desk will maintain its current height when you unplug it. But you must plug it in if you want to change the height. You may, however, be wondering, what happens to the preset heights when you unplug the desk? Do some electric desks use rechargeable batteries? Do they use a lot of energy when you leave them plugged in? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

Should I Leave My Electric Desk Plugged In?

You may leave your electric desk plugged in, but you do not have to. You only have to plug the desk in when you want to adjust its height. What’s more, you may need to leave your electric desk plugged in if you have preset some height levels on it. When you unplug the desk, the memory of your preset height levels may be lost.

Will My Standing Desk Collapse If There Is Power Outage?

Your standing desk will not collapse if there is a power outage. But you will not be able to raise or lower your desk. However, the saved height level may wipe off your desk’s memory if there is no power supply.

The electric motor and memory feature are the only parts of electric standing desks that need electric power. That means you will not be able to adjust its height until power is restored. It also means you will have to re-calibrate preset heights when power is restored.

How Much Energy Do Electrical Standing Desks Use?

When you are adjusting the desk’s height, its motors may use as much as 200 watts. But on standby, electric desks use just about 0.2 watts

You need not worry about electric standing desks if you are energy conscious. You can leave your desk plugged in without worrying that it will cause an outrageous increase in your energy bills.

Your computer uses about 60-250 watts on standby, and you often leave it plugged in. Why then should you unplug a device that uses only 0.2 watts on standby? The electric standing desk uses much less electricity than several other devices you use in your office.

Do Electric Standing Desks Use Batteries When Unplugged?

A few electric standing desk models have rechargeable batteries. You can adjust the heights of these desks without plugging them into an electric power source if you have charged the batteries. However, the batteries are usually not as powerful as direct electric power. So, the motor may not work as fast or raise heavyweights when you power them with batteries.

The typical electrical standing desk must be plugged in to lower or raise its height. That means the desk must be close to an electric outlet. However, height-adjustable desks with rechargeable batteries don’t need to be close to any outlet.

These types of electric desks:

  • All for more mobility
  • Can be in the middle of your office, far away from any electric outlet
  • Can work even when there is a power outage

However, their weight capacity is a bit limited and they work more slowly. What’s more, they often require you to charge them regularly.

✅ Video – Battery For The Height Adjustable Desk

You should watch this video if you are wondering what the rechargeable batteries of electric sit-stand desks look like. The video also demonstrates how battery-powered sit-stand desks work. You will see how to charge the battery, connect it with the standing desk, and operate the desk adjustment. Click the play button to watch the video now.

How Do Electric Standing Desks Work When Plugged?

Electric sit-stand desks use direct current (DC) motors to adjust the desk’s height. This motor converts electric power to mechanical power for an easy and efficient desk height adjustment. You can activate the motor by pressing a button on the desk’s control pad. There is usually one button to raise the desk and another to lower it. 

Some electric standing desks use multiple motors – one motor for each of the desk’s legs. These desks can bear more weight and work faster than desks with only one motor.

How Powerful Are The Electric Motors Of Standing Desks?

The electric motors of the typical electric standing desk can carry weights up to 200 pounds. The DC motors may be small-sized but they offer high-power density. What’s more, brushless motors are usually more powerful than brushed motors.

Brushed vs. Brushless Electric Desk DC Motor

Brushed DC motors are cheaper than brushless DC motors. However, they are a bit slower and the brushes can wear out with time. What’s more, brushed motors can sometimes make loud noises while working.

Brushless motors are more efficient and offer instant height adjustment without lag. They are also more durable.

Pros and Cons Of Electric Standing Desks

The best advantage of electric sit-stand desks is their strength. Electric standing desks can lift heavier weights than their manual and pneumatic counterparts. However, the motors can experience electronic failures or overheat. What’s more, lower-grade motors make noise, and that could be distracting. 

Pros of Electric Standing Desks

High-power Density

Electric standing desks are stronger than other types of sit-stand desks. Some electric standing desks can lift weights as heavy as 200-250 pounds. That means they can lift multiple monitors, as well as other equipment smoothly.

Manual desks may become cranky or squeaky when you try raising the desk with a heavy load. Pneumatic desks, on the other hand, require you to calibrate the desk for different loads. Neither of these concerns electric string desks. They are the easiest and most effective for lifting desks with heavy loads. 


Electric desks are not just easier and more effective, but they are also faster. The speed of transitioning from sitting to standing desks encourages people to use the feature more often. That way, you stand a better chance to reap the benefits of sit-stand desks when you use the electric standing desk.

Cons of Electric Standing Desks


High-grade standing desks work silently, but the low-grade options can be noisy while adjusting the desk’s height. The noise can be distracting if you are using a low-grade desk. High-grade desks, on the other hand, are quite expensive.

Electronic problems

The motors can have electronic problems that make height adjustment difficult or impossible. The electric motor can also overheat or burn out if you overload it beyond its weight capacity. However, these problems are minimal when you get a top-quality brushless motor electric desk.

Related Questions

Are Electric Standing Desks Safe?

Electric standing desks cannot electrocute you because the electric components are insulated. What’s more, some models have an anti-collision feature that makes them even safer.

Can You Replace The Motor On A Standing Desk?

Yes, you can replace the motor on your standing desks if it breaks down. However, it could be quite a challenge. That’s why you should buy from reliable brands that last long and offer top-notch repair or replacement services.

Is Dual Motor Better For Standing Desk?

Dual-motor sit-stand desks work faster and bear more weight than single-motor sit-stand desks. They also provide more stability than their single-motor counterparts. However, if one of the motors fail while the other is working, it can create a serious challenge 


Electric standing desks need to be connected to a power source before you can move the desktop up or down. But you can unplug the desk after adjusting its height. Some desks will, however, lose their preset heights memory when you unplug them.

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