Top 10 Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

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Welcome to this comprehensive post where we talk about the best mobile, portable, and mini thermal printers. If you are interested in buying a high-quality printer that you can easily take around, this post will help you. We have not only listed the best lightweight and portable printers, but we have also given a description and review of each one.

Mini printers may not be suitable for industrial applications. But you can use them to produce on-demand labels, barcodes, and receipts. They have many amazing benefits that we will also share in this article. But buying a good mini thermal printer goes beyond understanding its advantages. That’s why we have reviewed many products and put up a list of the top 10. This post will help narrow down your options and make it easier for you to choose a mobile printer that suits your printing needs.

What Is The Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers?

The best mobile thermal printer is one that is compact enough for you to carry around. They also offer wireless connectivity options that allow direct printing from smartphones. This notwithstanding, they also make high-quality prints.

This specific product is our choice. It is small, portable, and fast. It prints high-quality images and connects seamlessly with mobile devices.

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

Also, many of the top mini thermal printers are powered by batteries. This gives you more flexibility in using them on the go since you wouldn’t have to plug them into an electric source before you can use them. As you read on, you will see our top picks among the many portable printers on the market today.

Top 10 Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

#1. Phomemo M110 Portable Thermal Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This is a mini thermal printer with many powerful features, including a 1500 mAh battery that allows continuous printing for 3 to 4 hours. It can print as fast as 45 mm of labels per second. What’s more, its Bluetooth connectivity allows for a seamless connection with mobile devices.

The Phomemo M110 portable thermal printer has a mobile app, which contains 330 implanted templates to choose from. These built-in templates span 15 industries, which proves that you can use this multi-purpose thermal printer for wide-ranging applications across diverse industries.

To search for a suitable template on the App, all you need do is type a keyword and related templates will come up. You can use any of the templates depending on your printing needs per time. You can also set up a new template or adjust existing templates.

✅ Video – Mini Printer Review – Phomemo Label Printer

#2. MUNBYN IMP001 Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

The MUNBYM IMP001 printer is proof that you can print receipts anywhere. You can produce receipts for your customers on the go, without having to take them to your store or office. This mobile printer is so compact that you can conveniently carry them around to print receipts across different locations.

The IMP001 MUNBYN printer is a Bluetooth POS printer. So you can use it with your mobile devices. But aside from the Bluetooth option, it offers other connection interfaces, including USB and RS-232 connections. If you are a mobile vendor or you run a business from your home, this is a suitable receipt printer for your needs.

✅ Video – Munbyn Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Printer Review

#3. TEROW Mini Small Label Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

TEROW mini label printer is a cost-effective POS printing solution. It is a remarkably fast printer that works very silently. Its lightweight and compact structure is also an advantage. It fits well into small homes and office spaces. What’s more, this printer is easy to set up and install. Its paper loading and operation, as well as maintenance, are also very easy.

TEROW mini printer is suitable for printing bills, invoices, and receipts. You can use it in supermarkets, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and retail stores, among other businesses. Its cutting-edge functionalities make it suitable for printing receipts in high-traffic stores.

✅ Video – Thermal Receipt Printer Installation and Setup POS Printer

#4. NETUM NT-G58A Portable Thermal Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This palm-size thermal printer is a choice product for convenient labeling. It is so small and lightweight that you can carry it anywhere you like. What’s more, it has a rechargeable long-lasting lithium battery, which allows you to print labels on the go without worrying about a sudden outage.

One of the amazing features of this printer is its auto-sleep and auto-wake feature. This feature helps preserve the battery so that it lasts longer. The NETUM NT-G5 printer series can connect seamlessly with iOS and Android devices. They produce rapid and crystal clear prints at a speed of 30mm per second. So your customers don’t have to wait endlessly for their receipts.

✅ Video – Review: Netum Impresora Termica

#5. PUQU Portable Bluetooth Label Maker

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This is another compact and lightweight thermal printer that you can take with you everywhere you go. It’s a convenient solution for on-demand printing. You can go on business trips or do your transactions on the move while printing receipts in a matter of milliseconds. Aside from receipts, the PUQU portable printer can also print shipping labels and other office labels.

PUQU portable printer is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Its rechargeable battery has a standby capacity of 180 days and a running capacity of 4 to 5 hours continuous printing.

✅ Video – PUQU Q Series Label Printer

#6. ZKTeco Mini Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

ZKTeco Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is one of the best printers on the market. It’s a palm-sized, lightweight printer with an auto-sleep feature that extends its battery life. Once you charge the battery fully, you can use it intermittently for seven days. All you need do is turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and send your receipts for printing. The printer will wake up automatically and print your receipt.  

The ZKTeco printer connects well with windows and Android devices. And its compact size does not compromise printing speed and quality in any way. It prints quick and clear prints without making noise. What’s more, it offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, RS0232, and Bluetooth connections.

✅ Video – ZKTeco Mini Wireless Bluetooth Printer

#7. MUNBYN IMP006 Wireless Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This compact wireless printer is portable and suitable for carry-around operations. You can take it with you anywhere to produce on-demand receipts for your customers. When charged to full capacity, the IMP006 printer has a standby capacity of 4-5 days. You should be able to print 20 thermal receipts before a battery power outage.

Like many of the other top-notch portable printers, MUNBYN IMP006 also offers wireless printing. Its connectivity options include USB, RS-232, and Bluetooth connections. It’s a perfect choice for home-based and small-scale businesses. What’s more, you can load a thermal roll of 150 labels into this small printer. This MUNBYN wireless printer is, however, for Android OS devices only.

✅ Video – IMP006 New Demo

#8. Kodak Mini HD Photo Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This printer is quite different from the others we’ve seen so far. It’s a portable thermal printer that offers effortless printing to capture your precious moments. You can use it to print photos directly from your phone. No need to visit a photo studio or shop to get beautiful, clear photos.

This Kodak printer allows easy editing and instant printing of pictures from your iOS and Android devices. You can connect it with your phone with its innovative NFC or Bluetooth connection. It uses the dye-sublimation thermal mechanism, a type of thermal transfer mechanism to produce stunning card-sized photos. What’s more, it uses fingerprint-proof and waterproof paper for a longer-lasting image life.

✅ Video – Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer Review

#9. Phomemo M02 Mini Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

Phomemo M02 is a pocket-size printer that uses the thermal mechanism to produce monochrome photos, study notes, mini cards, memos, or to-do lists. It features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0 devices and above. What’s more, its in-built 1000 mAh battery allows you to take it with you for instant printing anywhere.

You can use various themes, fonts, and filter effects on the Phomemo app to print HD photos. The app continually updates new graphics and templates every two weeks. So you can be sure of access to modern and up-to-date features every time.

✅ Video – Phomemo Pocket Printer Unboxing + Quick Review

#10. Aibecy PeriPage Mini Wireless Thermal Printer

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

This mini photo has a cute and compact appearance; you can put it in your bag or pocket and carry it anywhere. It is a perfect gift for family, friends, students, lovers, and office workers. You can use it to produce high-quality photos, QR codes, labels, to-do lists, and messages, among many other applications.

This product prints with a 203 dpi resolution. It has an in-built 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. It works very silently and is one of the thermal photo printers with the lowest operational cost.

The Aibecy app has various themes and fonts to add style and class to your photos. What’s more, the device supports wireless Bluetooth and USB cable connectivity options. So you can use it with your tablets, phones, and PC.

✅ Video – Peripage Mini Printer Review

What Is The Meaning Of Thermal Printer?

The term, “thermal printer” refers to a printing machine that uses heat to produce images on paper or other types of print media. What sets thermal printers apart from other types of printers is that they don’t require ink.

The thermal mechanism is a simpler way of printing high-quality labels, barcodes, and receipts. It also prints at a fast speed and works very quietly. You can use thermal printers across diverse industries. These include airline, entertainment, banking, healthcare, and retail industries.

How Do Thermal Printers Work?

There are two types of thermal printing mechanisms. Direct thermal printer models work with thermochromic papers. These papers contain heat-sensitive pigments that change the paper’s color when it comes in contact with heat. Thermal transfer models, on the other hand, use thermal ribbons, which contain ink pigments. Heat melts the pigment’s substance and transfers it to the paper.

Heat builds up in the printhead of thermal printers. And depending on the mechanism, the printhead will apply heat either to a direct thermal paper or to a thermal transfer ribbon. This is how thermal printers produce images on labels.

How Do I Connect My Android To A Thermal Printer?

You can connect your Android device to a thermal printer either with a cord or through a wireless connection. If you are using a USB cable, plug the cable into your printer and attach the other end to an OTG cable or adapter. Then, plug the OTG cable or adapter into your phone’s micro-USB port. The phone should recognize your printer within a few seconds.

If you are using a Bluetooth thermal printer, you can also use that connectivity option. After turning on the printer, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Check for available devices and pair the phone with the printer. Once you do this, you can start printing directly from your phone.

Are Thermal Printers Worth It?

Thermal printers are more expensive than regular printers. But when you consider recurring costs, thermal printers are worth investing on. Generally, recurring expenses are more important than the upfront cost of purchase when you are looking at the worth of thermal printers.

Aside from the benefits of cutting recurrent costs, you should also consider buying a thermal printer if you are printing large volumes of receipts, barcodes, or labels. They are faster and more efficient.

Is Thermal Paper Expensive?

Thermal papers are more expensive than standard papers, but they are not too costly. For instance, you can buy a 150-feet roll of plain receipt papers at 40 cents. A 230-feet roll of thermal paper costs about 80 cents.

This means you will be spending 25 to 30 percent more on thermal papers. However thermal printers require no ink. The extra cost of buying thermal papers is not as much as the cost of buying inks for regular printers. So in the end, the cost of thermal papers should not deter anyone from buying thermal printers.

Portable Thermal Printer Bluetooth

Many portable thermal printers have a Bluetooth connectivity option. This excellent connectivity makes these lightweight printers very flexible and versatile. The handheld design of portable printers makes carrying them around easy. Then, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use it conveniently with most mobile devices, including phones.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair your thermal printer with any wireless device. Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices, among others. You don’t need to connect cables or install any software driver before you can use Bluetooth thermal printers.

Portable Printer for iPhone

Portable printers are now popular for printing with smartphones. These printers are small and compact; they are also user-friendly and can connect easily with mobile devices, including iPhones. These printers are usually more expensive but they will be worth your investment.

However, several types of portable printers are available for Apple iPhones. These various types are suitable for different applications. So your printing needs will determine the type of printer you should buy.

The different portable printer types for iPhone include monochrome and multi-color printers. Monochrome printers are suitable for printing receipts and barcodes. Multi-color printers, on the other hand, are good for printing smartphone photographs.

Epson Thermal Printer

Epson is one of the leading brands of printers in the industry. Epson produces high-performance printers that produce fast, high-quality labels. Epson thermal printers are suitable for POS receipt production in high-traffic environments. They may nit be portable but they sell at pocket-friendly prices.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Thermal receipt printers are the most common type of receipt printers used across diverse industries. They are the leading receipt printer type because of their speed, quiet operation, and ease of use. Thermal receipt printers are also very reliable and have fewer downtimes. Common places where you’ll find thermal receipt printers include grocery stores and ATMs.

Mini Bluetooth Printer Android

If your mini printer is Bluetooth-enabled, you can use it to print labels directly from any android smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity is easy to operate and reliable but they generally don’t work across long distances. So you would have to keep the printer close to your Android phone. Once you pair your printer with your Android device, you can print high-quality invoices, bills, receipts, QR codes, and barcodes from your phone.

5 Benefits of Mobile, Portable, and Mini Thermal Printers

Best Mobile, Portable & Mini Thermal Printers

They Are Reliable and Convenient.

Portable thermal printers have proven to be reliable over the years. They can generate images under any condition, so you can use them for your printing applications in different environments. More so, you can use them with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Fast Printing

Thermal printers are much faster than inkjet and laser printers. They are so fast that they can produce receipts and labels in less than one second. More so, you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry because they don’t use ink.

The fast speed of thermal printers makes them suitable for businesses that require high-volume printing of shipping labels. They can also help reduce the long queues of customers waiting to get their sales receipts at your store. Thermal printers will speed up your business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

The wireless connectivity option of mini and portable printers makes them easy to operate. You wouldn’t have to deal with the complications of mixing cables up. More so, they don’t use toners or inks. That means you need fewer supplies for your thermal printer. There are also not too many moving parts, so thermal printers are easy to maintain too.

Noiseless Printing

Thermal printers operate quietly while printing and mini thermal printers are the most noiseless. So they don’t disrupt the serene environment in your workplace. Some regular printers also have a “quiet mode” option in their settings. But this mode works by reducing printing speed to lower the noise levels while printing is ongoing.

Lower Operational Costs

Another benefit you’ll get from using a thermal printer is that you will spend less on printing. To start with, you don’t have to buy ink or toner cartridges for thermal printing. So you get to save on the cost of supplies. The only operational cost you will incur is the cost of thermal label rolls, since most mini thermal printers use the direct thermal mechanism.


Can Thermal Printers Print Color?

Generally, direct thermals only print either blue or black color. However, there are some modern direct thermals with multi-color printing capabilities. These printers apply different temperatures to produce different colors on the label.

In the case of thermal transfers, they can print a wider variety of colors, but the color of the image on your label would depend on your ribbon’s color. If your ribbon is black, it will only create black images on your label.

We have provided a more comprehensive answer to this question in another post. Click here to read the post.

Do Thermal Printers Run Out Of Ink?

Thermal printers will never be out of ink because they require no ink. The thermal mechanism uses heat instead of ink. In thermal printers, heat either reacts directly with thermochromic papers or melts pigments from thermal ribbons to create images. The method of printing depends on the type of thermal printer you’re using. Direct thermals use thermochromic papers while thermal transfers use ribbons.

Are Direct Thermal Labels Waterproof?

Paper media are generally not resistant to water and thermal labels are no exception. However, direct thermal films are plastic media and are, therefore, water-resistant. As such, you should use plastic or synthetic media whenever you are printing labels for outdoor use.

Labels made from synthetic media can better withstand wet conditions and water exposure. Paper media are, however, cheaper than synthetic media. So you should still use paper media whenever water exposure is not a concern.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Thermal Printer?

The major disadvantage of thermal printers is their color limitations. But aside from being monochromic and/or printing less vibrant colors, thermal printers generally cost more than laser and inkjet printers. Their printheads also cost more, so replacing their printhead is quite expensive. What’s more, thermal labels often fade when exposed to hot temperatures or direct sunlight.

What Is A POS Printer?

A POS or point-of-sale printer is a receipt printer that produces on-demand receipts. They are of three types, namely thermal, impact, and inkjet printers. The three types of POS printers work in different ways and produce POS receipts of different qualities, as well as with different print speeds.

Most retail stores use thermal printers because they are the fastest. They are also more silent and easier to maintain. Inkjet printers are, however, the most suitable option for printing receipts with logos or graphics. Impact printers are the slowest but their receipts are more durable.


The high performance and quality of the printers on our list have shown that using a compact printer doesn’t mean sacrificing advanced features or print quality. As such, you can confidently buy any of the products on our list of top 10 best mobile, portable, and mini printers. These printers are versatile and impressively convenient. You can use them anywhere and anytime, and you can count on them for quality receipts, barcodes, and labels.

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