Top 5 Best Embossing Label Makers – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

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This is a post about the best embossing label makers you can find on the market. We will also discuss other relevant things you should know about embossing label makers, and how they work. If you have wondered about the things to look out for when you’re shopping for an embossing label maker, you should read this article to the end.

DYMO is the leading brand that makes embossing label makers but there are other brands, as well as various models available. Let’s walk you through how to pick a product that will serve you the best and meet your needs. Keep reading to learn more about embossing label makers and how to get the best model on the market.

What is The Best Embossing Label Maker?

The best embossing label maker is one that is efficient in making quality embossed prints on tapes. Such a product will have a modern design but it would still offer the vintage embossed prints. Meanwhile, portable and lightweight products are always the best. Embossing label makers are handheld devices, so a heavy product will be difficult to use.

This specific product is our choice. It is portable and makes quality embossed tapes efficiently.

Best Embossing Label Makers

Don’t choose any embossing label maker just by the way it looks. Instead, look at the manufacturer’s product description, as well as customer and professional reviews. If you can, also test the label maker or check its sample labels. If you do these, you would get an embossing label maker that you can count on for your day to day embossing tapes.

Our Top 2 Picks for The Best Embossing Label Maker

#1. DYMO Organizer Xpress Label Maker

Best Embossing Label Makers

This is Amazon’s Choice and it’s the best you can get. It is not only easy to operate use; perfect for manual labeling applications. You can manually emboss quality imprints on the installed tapes just by squeezing the labeler’s handle. This creates the desired impression that you have chosen on the dial. It allows you to impress letters, symbols, and numbers onto the tape.

Since it’s a manual tool, you don’t need to plug in an adapter or replace batteries, so there’s no downtime. But then, there is no screen so you won’t be able to preview labels before printing. You don’t have to figure out tape installation before you use the Organizer Xpress because it comes with a pre-loaded tape. So you can take your time to master tape installation without having to delay the production of embossed tapes.

✅ Video – Dymo Embossing Label Maker Review

Once you open the product, you only have to turn its dial, choose your desired character, and squeeze the handle for imprints to be created. With over 8,000 customer reviews on Amazon, this label maker has a 4.2-star rating, which is highly impressive.

#2. DYMO Junior Embosser Label Maker  

Best Embossing Label Makers

This label maker is an ideal choice for home use and is very popular among school kids and crafters. Its modern ergonomic design will make your label embossing fast, fun, and effective. It also features an efficient soft-grip handle to press down the characters and emboss them onto the tape. Its tape-cutting feature makes tape loading and cutting fast and convenient.

The Dymo Junior Embossing Labeler is portable and lightweight. So you can easily customize labels while holding the tool with one hand and operating it with the other. There are 49 characters to pick from, including texts, symbols, and numbers. More so, this device requires neither electricity nor battery to operate.

✅ Video – Dymo Junior – Label maker – CZ review

It’s a full manual device so there are no batteries that can run out and it doesn’t have to be plugged in for it to work. Its labels have great adhesives that stay in place and will not peel off spontaneously. The tapes are high-grade plastic media that you can count on to last long. This device has almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon and has a 4.2-star average rating.

#3. MoTEX E101 Embossing Label Maker

Best Embossing Label Makers

This embossing label maker creates top-notch embossed labels with adhesive backs. It uses an intuitive turn-and-click labeling system. There are different things you can use this label maker for, including scrapbook and photo album labeling, as well as a wide variety of DIY projects.

What’s more, it’s portable and easy to operate. You don’t need batteries or electricity to operate this label maker. It’s entirely a manual device that can create labels to brighten up, customize, and organize your office and home.

#4. MIWI Embossing Label Maker

Best Embossing Label Makers

MIWI embosser creates top- quality embossed labels with a vast array of letters, symbols, and numbers. This manual device offers optimum convenience and comfort. Its ergonomic design and modern look set it apart from many other models of embossers on the market. This embossing labeler is suitable for DIY lovers and every hands-on person.

#5. MoTEX E202 Embossing Label Maker

Best Embossing Label Makers

Aside from letters and numbers, this embossing label maker can also print emoticons on adhesive label tapes. You can use it to make labels for just about anything you can think of. It’s ideal for labeling, customizing, decorating, organizing, and DIY. What’s more, there’s a vast array of refill taps that work with this model.

What is An Embossing Label Maker?

Embossing label makers are modern devices that use the traditional method of making labels. Embossing label makers use striking heads that work with a turn-and-click system to create embossed imprints on plastic tapes. These label makers can help you create unique crafts for your day to day labeling and tag applications. An embossing label maker typically needs neither batteries nor electric power to function. They are handheld manual devices.

How Do Embossing Label Makers Work?

Embossing label makers don’t have keyboards and screens. They use a turn-and-click system to make labels. To create a label, you would turn the wheel and set it to the character you desire to print.

When you select the character and press the trigger, the label maker presses and stretches the tape, usually made of plastic. This would emboss the intended print on your tape and moves the tape to the next point so that you can emboss the next character.

Do Embossing Label Makers Use Paper Labels?

Embossing label makers don’t use paper labels. Instead, they use embossing tapes, which are more durable and fade-resistant. Embossing tapes rarely break when you remove them and they don’t leave sticky residues like the adhesives of paper labels sometimes do.

✅ Video – How To: DYMO Embossing Label Maker

Watch this video as a young boy makes an embossed tape for his helicopter controller. You will see the step-by-step process that you can follow easily to use an embossing label maker. What’s more, the woman and her son also made cute embossed tapes for their dog. How amazing is that?

Why Is Embossing Used?

If you love the look of embossed tapes and you run a small outfit, embossed labels will help keep things beautiful and organized. Embossed prints create textured impressions with a dash of creativity, producing high-quality contrast between the imprints and the unprinted area that surrounds it.

They not only create characters but also accentuate them on plastic tapes. What’s more, embossed tapes emphasize the imprints and help create more interest.

What Can You Do With An Embossing Label Maker?

Embossing label makers can print various characters, including symbols, numbers, and letters. You can use them to create just about any label or tag that requires only one line of characters. However, they only print on plastic tapes.

You can stick these embossed tapes on just about any surface you can think of. As such, you can use embossing label makers for school tags, scrapbooks, plant tags, jar labels, gift tags, photo albums, and shelves, among other DIY projects. You can also use them to make DIY crafting labels.

✅ Video – Use a LabelMaker to Make DIY Jewelry!

Did you know that you can use your label maker to make jewelry? In this video, Karen demonstrates how you can make amazing jewelry with your label maker. She shows how she made earrings, necklaces, rings with her embossing label maker. If you love DIY creative works, you should watch this video.

One surprising use of embossing label makers is for learning new languages. You can make labels and tags for different home and office materials in any language of your choice. Stick the tags or labels on the different materials so that each time you see them, they’ll refresh your mind on what it’s called in that language. That way, you can learn faster.

Do Embossing Label Makers Run Out Of Ink?

Embossing label makers require no toners, inks, or cartridges to create imprints. These handheld devices don’t use thermal technology too. They emboss prints simply by stretching the plastic tape.

Some embossers also use embossing die to give the embossed character a distinct white color. If your embossed label maker is producing half characters or no character at all, it’s probably because you didn’t press the trigger well or the device is faulty.

Is Embossing Permanent?

Embossing requires deforming the print material to create raised designs with clean and bold lines. As such, the imprints are permanent. Once you emboss prints on a tape, you cannot undo it. You can manage to deboss paper labels but you can’t easily deboss plastic tapes.

Embossing Tapes

Embossing tapes are a type of labeling media made of plastic material. Embossing tapes work with handheld embossing label makers. The tapes are inexpensive and you can get them from just about any stationery store. That’s why they are popular among school kids.

Embossing tapes are sturdier and more durable than paper labels. Their adhesives also rarely leave sticky residues on surfaces if you ever have to remove them. Embossing tapes are rigid and may rip off if you use them on extremely curved surfaces. They can also rip off if you bend the labeled item in a way that it curves along the length of the tape.

Embossing Label Maker Machine

Embossing machines are quite different from embossing label makers because they print on paper labels and metal strips. Embossing label makers, on the other hand, print on plastic tapes. More so, embossing machines are usually not standalone devices. They often use pressure and die-cutting technology to create embossed imprints.

There are three main categories of die-cutting/embossing machines:

  • Manual embossers
  • Electronic embossers
  • Computerized machines.

Of these three, only electronic and manual embossers can create embossed imprints. Computerized machines cannot create embossed imprints.

Manual Embossing Machine

Manual machines work manually because you have to work the machine yourself. You will have to pull or turn the lever or device’s handle by yourself. This pulls the label media through the embossing machine and creates imprints on them. Remember, however, that manual embossing machines are mainly for paper labels and metal strips

Electric Embossing Machine

Electronic embossing machines do not require a manual process to pull label media or create embossed imprints. On the other hand, these machines have a motor that handles the entire process. Electric/electronic embossing machines usually require batteries or AC adapters to power their motor.

Embossing Label Makers Near Me

Office supply and school supply stores usually have embossing label makers in stock. If you have one such store in your area, you can pick up an embossing label maker there. But if you want to get an embossing label maker nearest to you, you should order one from an online store like Amazon. Many online retailers will ship the device to you and deliver it to your doorstep.

Office supply and school supply stores usually have embossing label makers in stock. If you have one such store in your area, you can pick up an embossing label maker there. But if you want to get an embossing label maker nearest to you, you should order one from an online store like Amazon. Many online retailers will ship the device to you and deliver it to your doorstep.

4 Benefits of Embossing Label Makers

Best Embossing Label Makers

Let’s check out some benefits you could get from having an embossing label maker in your home or office.


For your safety, it might be necessary to label certain tools and items in your home and office. Sometimes, jars can be mixed up and you may end up consuming an unintended substance from your pantry if the jars are not properly labeled. You should also label hazardous substances in your office so that people can take caution and prevent accidents while handling them.


This is an obvious advantage of producing labels. And with embossing labelers, you can make labeling tapes on-demand to improve organization both in your home and in the office. You and everyone living or working with you can easily identify items when they are labeled. More so, embossed labels are more distinct, so you can identify items at a glance.

Location and Tracking

When you label items properly, you can locate and track them more quickly and easily. With quick embossed labels, you can improve the tracking of items in your home, as well as at the office.


You can mark items with your “seal of ownership’ using embossed tapes. Students can mark their books and stationeries; small businesses can mark company-owner items. People hardly steal marked items because they carry an unquestionable mark of ownership.

6 Things to Consider When You’re Buying An Embossing Label Maker

Here are 5 factors to consider when you’re shopping for an embossing label printer.


DYMO is the frontline brand associated with embossed label makers. Although there are other brands like MOTEX that make embossing label makers, DYMO still stands on top of the list. In fact, DYMO was the first brand to introduce embossing label makers into the market for public use in 1958. Even if you are not buying DYMO, make sure to buy from a reputable brand that has been in the market for some time. Such brands have a name to protect, so they make quality and reliable products.


Portability is very important when it comes to embossing label makers. They are handheld manual devices, so they must be compact and lightweight enough to fit easily in one hand. Check for the size and weight of the product before you buy it. Any product that is too heavy or too big will be a bad purchase.


A good embossed label maker will allow you to create prints effortlessly. You wouldn’t have to press hard before the device can emboss letters, symbols, and numbers on the tape. Some manual label makers require you to exert a great deal of strength for the full character to appear. Make sure to buy such models. Look for a soft-grip, high-performance product that creates imprints with comfort and convenience.

To be sure of how efficient the model you intend to buy is, check out what verified customers are saying. You can check this on Amazon reviews or ask from people around you. Just ensure that you read multiple reviews so that you can have a broad view of how the product works, including its pros and cons.

Number of Characters

The number of characters on an embossing labeler is another factor you should consider before buying it. You can’t add to the number of characters or introduce new characters to an embossing labeler. So check to make sure the model you intend to buy has all the numbers and symbols you’ll love to have. Embossing labelers usually have limited characters, but you can get some with about 50 characters.


Embossing labeler models that feature a tape-cutting capability feature will make your job easier. Without this feature, labels could be difficult to cut and remove. You might even find it hard to load labels. So watch out for the tape-cutting capability when you are shopping for an embossing label maker.


What is a Label Maker?

Label makers are stand-alone label printers because they do not require external devices to make labels. Typically, a label maker will have its in-built display, keyboard, and operating system. Embossing label makers are different from the regular label makers because they have no screen or keyboard. They are manual devices that emboss imprints onto plastic tapes.

How do you label something without a label maker?

If you don’t have a label maker, a simple way to label your items is to use post-it notes. Labels produced by label makers would last longer than this improvised option but it’s still better than nothing. There are even times that you just want a temporary label, and sticky post-it notes will fit perfectly for that need. All you need do is write on the note with a good marker and paste it on your desired item. Pens are also good but they may not be as bold as markers.

Before pasting the sticker, you might have to cut down its size to fit your application. So get a scissors handy. You may also need to get a tape because the note may not stick well enough and you’ll need to tape it down. While this is not a fancy method like when you use embossed tape, you can use it as a temporary solution until you get your embossed labeler.

Do You Need Ink for Label Makers?

Label makers operate without inks. They use nether ink cartridges nor toners. So you don’t need to bother about replacing or refilling inks. Most modern label makers use the thermal transfer mechanism to create images. But embossing label makers use pressure to deform the tape and create embossed imprints. Some embossing machines also add die-cutting technology.

Are Embossed Tapes Waterproof?

Plastic embossing tapes from DYMO are confirmed to be water-resistant. They are also resistant to abrasion, corrosion, grime, grease, extreme temperature conditions, and harsh chemicals. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. More so, they can stick to just about any clean and smooth surface you can think of. And except you intentionally peel them off, they won’t come off due to water exposure.


We hope you have learned a lot about embossing label makers and our guide can help you get the best product on the market. The products we recommended are top-notch among all others. But we have also shown you how we arrived at our choices. So you can check for yourself and decide which one is the best product for you. Thankfully, embossing labelers and their tapes are not expensive, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy one.

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